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Facility Projects

A large facility requires constant care. Variety Village has embarked on a capital upgrade project of $2.5 million. This rejuvenation will meet the growing demands for service and will have a profound effect on the community and the 30,000 children and adults it serves annually.

Increasing our ability to provide improved accessibility and safety will give members, teams, school groups and the community a sports and recreational facility that continues to be a leader in adapted programming for all abilities.

September 2017 – February 2018
Variety Village recently received generous financial support to begin its Fieldhouse washrooms and change rooms upgrade project. The fieldhouse washrooms and change rooms are going to undergo an entire renovation with updated fixtures, lockers and showers. We are expecting the renovations to begin in November.


We are expecting to open the Men’s Fieldhouse washroom and change room by mid-Februrary, contingent on the construction schedule proceeding on course.

We appreciate the members’ support through this process and understand your frustration regarding locker space and changing space. Please bear with us for a couple more weeks.


Please watch out for Alerts on our website and check back for updates on project progress!

September – November 2017
We are excited to announce our Open Doors Barrier Buster Project. This facility renewal project will replace several doors throughout our facility including the front entrance doors, aquatic change rooms, the membership office, and the men’s and women’s lobby washrooms. These new installations will provide more access to the facility for people with disabilities.

We are expecting to begin the Open Doors project by September with completion November 1st. This Barrier Buster project is made possible by The Rick Hansen Foundation Access4All Canada 150 Signature Initiative, supported by the Government of Canada.

What is a Barrier Buster Project? Click here to learn more!

Rick Hansen Foundation
supported by Canada 150
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Thank you KRG Children’s Charitable Foundation for our beautiful new fieldhouse curtains!

We're thinking Green!

Variety Village continues to expand on its Green Plan initiatives with exciting results. Read below to find out more about what we’re doing.

Waste Diversion Program

Waste Diversion Program

Five new waste stations to reduce the total amount of solid waste we are producing and sending to landfill are available throughout the facility. We also have new larger recycle and compost bins for pick up by the City of Toronto.

Through its Waste Diversion program the City of Toronto waives its pick up fee for charities, which is saving Variety between $16,000 – $20,000 annually as well as allowing us to be environmentally responsible.

Gardening Space

Increased Gardening Space

Many volunteers and members have worked on cleaning up and creating new gardening spaces allowing for additional gardening efforts. This includes a lot of new space for the LINKS Day Program’s vegetable garden. Local food production, especially in urban food production is creating opportunities for better nutrition and learning for our LINKS and MILESTONE Day Program participants.

On-site Composting

On-Site Composting

This is a valuable resource where all compostable waste from the day programs is composted into a usable product on site. It is an educational opportunity for the Day Program participants to understand the importance of reducing municipal solid waste and the meaning of waste diversion. It also aligns with their gardening program. All food waste is now converted into a nutrient rich usable gardening product. This teaches the whole life-cycle of our food system.

LED & Induction Replacement Lighting

LED and Induction Replacement Lighting

Variety has reduced its energy consumption dramatically and all of the old lamps were recycled following proper guidelines. Converting the exterior and interior lighting of the facility to LED and induction lighting will reduce Variety’s annual energy consumption by 259,018 KWh and save annual energy costs by approximately $43,156. The environmental benefit has equivalent carbon reduction to planting 8,431 trees. In addition to a reduction in its energy bills, Variety Village received a rebate of $17,697.40 (incl. HST) from Toronto Hydro as part of their Save on Energy – RETROFIT incentive program.

BUS: We have a bus stop right outside! Take the 12A from Victoria Park Station.

FREE parking onsite.

Wheel-Trans accessible.

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