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Rotten Ronnie’s
Halloween Haunt

October is here, which means it’s time to start celebrating Halloween. And what better way to mark the spookiest month of the year than by taking a trip to a haunted house?

There’s something rotten at 121 Sandown Ave. in Scarborough. For the last month, “Rotten” Ronnie McGrath has been up to something in his garage and it’s got his neighbors spooked. McGrath has transformed his garage and yard into a Halloween Haunt that has been spinning the heads of those who pass by his home near Midland and St. Clair avenues.

It’s demonic doors will be open to any poor soul brave enough to venture in on Halloween night. Skeletons, ghosts, ghouls and more can be found lurking in the darkness of Rotton Ronnie’s Halloween House that will give you a scare you’ll never forget!


2 Blocks south of St. Claire Avenue  |   3 Blocks west of Midland Avenue

Rotten Ronnie's Halloween House
Rotten Ronnie's Halloween House
Rotten Ronnie's Halloween House

Accepting Donations in support of Variety Village!

This is the fourth year that McGrath has been encouraging the Halloween spirit into our community, but it isn’t just for a love of the macabre. Navigating through the haunt is free, but donation boxes are set up on the property to help raise money for Variety Village.

McGrath has raised over $1500 over the past 4 years. Helping kids in need is an added bonus to being able to provide some thrills to trick-or-treaters.

“It’s a local charity and I’m in that area, so I identify with it. There are a lot of kids that need help there.”

BUS: We have a bus stop right outside! Take the 12A from Victoria Park Station.

FREE parking onsite.

Wheel-Trans accessible.

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