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Personal Training

Good health is important, and training can help get you there. Regular exercise lifts your spirits, sharpens your mind, and makes daily activities easier. Our Personal Trainers will guide you through the steps you need to meet and maintain your personal goals.

All of our personal training packages include
a progressive program and plan designed just for you
one to one expert fitness instruction from certified trainers
motivation, encouragement and advice to maximize your potential
fun and challenging activities
workouts that fit your schedule
training that takes into account any physical limitations that you may have

Professionally designed exercise routines can
increase your strength, speed and stamina
increase your range of motion, stability and balance
lower your body fat and tone up your muscles
brighten your mood and increase your mental awareness
help reduce your reliance on medication

Check out Personal Trainer Eric Savva, on Idea City invited by Moses Znaimer.

Eric took the audience through a chair-fit session designed for people who require chairs to help increase stability. Focusing on the upper body to increase strength, improve muscle conditioning, flexibility and cardiovascular endurance.

Personal Training Packages

The Self-Motivator. The perfect package if you’re a self-motivator just getting started with your new fitness regime, or a veteran exerciser stuck in a rut. Let us guide you through your new program so that you are comfortable and safe working out on your own.
Includes: 2 one-hour sessions with a personal trainer

Become Your Own Fitness Guru. Your personal trainer will make sure you stay on track. Gain knowledge while having fun and achieving results on your new fitness journey.
Includes: 10 one-hour sessions with a personal trainer
*Couples rates available!

The Motivator. This package is great for results-oriented people just like you. We supply the motivation you need to reach your SMART fitness goals. Your personal trainer will challenge you every session, while offering advice, knowledge and tons of motivation!
Includes: 20 one-hour sessions with a personal trainer

Variety Village offers needs-specific training to help you lead the healthiest life possible. Your fitness trainer will help you improve your stamina, range of motion, strength, balance and core stability, aiding in ease of movement. Our trainers are educated to help you reach your physical potential. One hour or half-hour sessions available.

Elementary, secondary, or undergraduate students can train to get an edge for their competitive sport, increase their fitness and learn proper exercise techniques – or discover a new, non-competitive way to get fit.
Includes: 5 or 10 one-hour sessions

Let us help you slow down the aging process. Get stronger, increase range of motion and improve your cardiovascular system by participating actively with one of our personal trainers. Gently ease yourself back into fitness!
Includes: 5 or 10 one-hour sessions

Get more info, or pay by phone: 
Debbie Murray
Coordinator, Personal Training
416-699-7167 ext 238

Please contact your personal trainer 24 hours before your booked session if you need to cancel or reschedule. If you do NOT contact your personal trainer within this time frame, you will be charged for that session. Thank you for your cooperation.

Meet the Personal Trainers

Melissa Russell

Never give up or sell yourself short. The greater your skills are, the more challenges you can face and accomplish.


Melissa`s well rounded knowledge of fitness has been obtained from personal experience with different forms of fitness starting at a young age leading her to become a Certified Personal Trainer as well as a Group Fitness Instructor. Her passion is helping people of all abilities reach their goals surrounding health, fitness, nutrition and life, one step at a time. She has also obtained certifications from Canfitpro, TRX Suspension Training, Tabata Bootcamp and Yogafit Level 1. Her passion for fitness has led her to compete in dozens of Obstacle Course Races. She took on a new challenge in 2016 training to compete in three triathlons this past summer. She has also worked as a registered Holistic Nutritionist for the past 10 years after graduating from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition with honours.


Self awareness is key to anything you do. I truly believe that any individual can achieve anything with persistence and the right motivation. And that anyone can improve their fitness level, regardless of age or physical condition. Workouts should be functional and compliment your lifestyle to make daily life more enjoyable. I take pride in keeping my training programs fresh and fun, yet challenging so that my clients stay interested and focused, while attaining their health and fitness goals. My motto is quality over quantity, focusing on form to prevent injury and building each individual’s strength and confidence.

Jamie McKenzie

“My hope is to inspire and empower you to change your life, my focus is to make sure you get results!”

Jamie is a Registered Kinesiologist and a CSEP Certified Exercise Physiologist with a Specialized Honours Degree in Kinesiology and Health Science along with a certificate in Fitness Assessment and Exercise Counseling.
Born with severe Asthma, Jamie was on extensive medication at a young age. It was regular exercise that helped transform his life to where he no longer need prescription medication, and can now live a life unhindered by this chronic disease.
Jamie’s experience ranges from working for the NHL Scouting Combine and firefighter fitness testing, to training clients with many forms of chronic disease, disabilities, and special needs.

Through a customized step-by-step approach, Jamie passionately uses his education and experience to help those looking to improve their fitness and health, despite any limitations.

Cheryl Struzer

“I look forward to introducing you to all your body can truly do.”

Cheryl has been working at Variety Village for five years, and has experience training clients of all ages, from young kids to seniors.
She is a registered CSEP trainer, a certified OFC instructor, and a certified nutrition counsellor.
Cheryl has worked with many individuals with assorted goals, strengths, abilities, disabilities, desires, dreams, and hopes.

Cheryl does not do cookie-cutter exercises. She believes each body has its own unique needs, and she designs individual programs for each client. Cheryl thinks outside the box, and creates programs geared towards configuring proper alignment, building bone density, strengthening muscles, and building a cohesive body, so a person’s muscles, fascia, bones, and tissues, are all working together, creating the most efficient unit a person can create.

It is important to recognize when clients are using certain muscles to compensate for injuries, and to isolate the parts of the body which need to be zeroed in on, for change. Cheryl loves helping people to learn how to help themselves.

She has patience, and truly cares about guiding clients through their journeys, she looks forwards to introducing you to all your body can truly do for you.

Andrew Kolakowski

“If you are willing to go to any length to get it, so am I.”

Andrew is a Certified Personal Trainer Specialist and a Nutrition and Wellness Specialist, and has been a personal trainer at Variety Village since 2006. With extensive experience in all kinds of training, he’s trained with many differently abled and disabled clients. In his youth Andrew was a professional javelin thrower.

Andrew has a sincere and practical approach; let him help you achieve your fitness and nutrition goals.

Eric Savva

“If you want to live at another level, you have to move at a higher level.”

Eric began personal training in 2008. He is Canfit Pro Certified, Agatsu Kettlebell Certified and an Older Adult Specialist. Eric is also the Masters Olympic Lifting Canadian Champion.

Having trained with all ages and fitness levels, Eric is the ultimate motivator!

Jane Unan

“Tell me what your goals are and together we’ll develop a fitness program that truly fits.”

Jane earned an undergraduate degree in Physical and Health Education and a Master’s degree in Community Health-Exercise Sciences from the University of Toronto. She also studied Movement Analysis at the Laban/Bartenieff Institute of Movement Studies in New York City. In all facets of her training, Jane applies and explores movement concepts such as breath support, connectivity, dynamic alignment, effort, spatial awareness and developmental patterns.

Thinking, feeling, acting: all is movement. Moving in new ways can be energizing and productive, sometimes scary and intimidating. A training session is an adventure, an invitation to move in new ways, and therefore to think in new ways. “Activate and Motivate!” Don’t wait for motivation to move you – move and you will be motivated.

Jane works together with you to create workouts that are safe, uncomplicated, effective and enjoyable. Train with equipment or without. Ultimately, her goal is to help you become your own personal trainer.

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Wheel-Trans accessible.

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