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Swimming & Aquatics

Our aquatic facility features 3 swimming pools. We have a 25m long, 15m wide deep pool with a depth that ranges from 5-12 feet. It is divided into 6 lanes by Antiwave © lane ropes (developed for the 2000 Sydney Olympics). The pool temperature is kept at 86 degrees fahrenheit. Our recreation pool is a shallow 15m by 15m pool with a maximum depth of 5 feet and a 2 foot shallow end. It is equipped with assistive railings around the edge of the pool and a gradual ramp leading into it. This pool is also kept at 86 degrees fahrenheit. In addition to our 2 main pools, we have a 92 degree fahrenheit hot pool. This pool is very shallow (approximately 2 feet) and has high pressure jets along one side of it to give you that much needed post-workout massage.

See our pool lane schedule for lane availability.

BUS: We have a bus stop right outside! Take the 12A from Victoria Park Station.

FREE parking onsite.

Wheel-Trans accessible.

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