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Aquatics Leadership

Variety is proud to offer skills and training for everyone. Are you a strong swimmer and an aspiring leader? We have a variety of leadership programs available, from the Junior Lifeguard Club to Bronze Medallion and more, all designed to help you progress in the world of aquatics.

The Junior Lifeguard Club is for strong swimmers who are interested in learning the skills required for moving into the Certification courses. Participants should be able to swim at least 25 metres and tread water for 2 minutes.

If you are interested in registering, please see our Registration page for more information.

Prerequisites Dates Available Fee
9+ years old Mondays 7:30-8:30pm $110

Bronze Medallion teaches an understanding of the lifesaving principles embodied in the 4 components of water-rescue education – judgement, knowledge, skill and fitness. Rescuers learn towns and carries, defence methods and releases in preparation for challenging rescues of increased risk involving conscious and unconscious victims of various types. Lifesavers develop stroke efficiency and endurance in a 500m timed swim.

Prerequisites Dates Available Fee
Minimum 13 years of age OR Bronze Star Certification (need not be current) August 27-31, 2018 Members $175, Non-members $190

This course is designed for lifesavers who want the challenge of more advanced training including an introduction to safe supervision in aquatics facilities. Bronze Cross is a prerequisite for all advanced training programs including National Lifeguard and Instructor Certification. Includes a timed 600m swim.

Prerequisites Dates Available Fee
Bronze Medallion and Emergency First Aid Certifications (need not be current) August 27-31, 2018 Members $155, Non-members $170

Standard First Aid provides comprehensive training covering all aspects of first aid and CPR. Standard First Aid incorporates all of Emergency First Aid and is designed for those who require a more in-depth understanding of first aid, including: legal implications of first aid treatment, spinal injuries, heat or cold injuries, bone and joint injuries, chest injuries, and medical emergencies.

Includes CPR-C certification. The first aid program is not restricted to aquatic candidates. Re-certification classes are also available.

Note: Only candidates currently certified under the Lifesaving Society and who most recently attended a full course is eligible to attend the re-certification course.

Prerequisites Dates Available Fee
None June 2 & 3, 2018 Members $95, Non-members $105

National Lifeguard Certification is Canada’s professional lifeguard standard. National Lifeguard training develops a sound understanding of lifeguarding principles, good judgement, and a mature and responsible attitude towards the lifeguard’s role. National Lifeguard training emphasizes prevention and effective rescue response in emergencies, including first aid treatment. Candidates develop teamwork, leadership and communication skills.

Fitness requirements include a timed object recovery, 50m sprint challenge, 50m rescue drill, and a 400m endurance challenge. Successful candidates will be certified as National Lifeguards under the Lifesaving Society.

Prerequisites Dates Available Fee
Must be at least 16 years of age, certified with Bronze Cross and Standard First Aid with CPR-C*. June 21-29, 2018 Members $265, Non-members $290

*Only First Aid certifications from the following agencies will be accepted: The Lifesaving Society, Canadian Red Cross, St. John’s Ambulance, or Canadian Ski Patrol.

To learn more or to register, please call 416-699-7167

BUS: We have a bus stop right outside! Take the 12A from Victoria Park Station.

FREE parking onsite.

Wheel-Trans accessible.

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