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Town Halls & Strategic Plan

5 Year Strategic Plan 2017 – This five-year Strategic Plan sets out the organizational direction for Variety Village and explains how we will achieve the targets set out in this plan.

Five Year Strategic Plan 2017

Members of Variety Village are encouraged to participate in our Public Town Hall Meetings to learn about what’s current in Variety Village’s programming and services, to provide their perspectives, and to review and comment on any services provided by the facility.

March 27, 2017

Our last Town Hall meeting was held in the Cafeteria on January 13, 2016. The outcomes are noted below. In addition, at the suggestion of our Member Advisory Committee, CEO, Karen Stintz will hold VIDEO Town Hall Meetings to allow more people to participate. The current Town Hall was filmed March 27, 2017. Thank you for your input and we hope that you continue to provide feedback regularly at the Feedback Button on the home page of the website.

Town Hall: January 13, 2016


  • Concern about the ceiling in the Men’s Change Room:
    the ceiling has had a hole for some time and members would like to see the ceiling repaired. Members would like to see a greater commitment to keeping the building in a better state of repair.
    We received a quote in 2015 for about $150,000 to address this issue properly – we are looking for a temporary fix until funding can be secured. Facility repairs are a key focus of the 5 year strategic plan,
    which will require major funding through government, major gifts and corporate sponsorship.
  • The Lockers in the Women’s Change Room are rusty and not accessible.
    We continue to repair the lockers that are hard to open or close and replacement of this unit is an important item on the capital projects list.
  • There needs to be a better process to provide feedback: it was recommended that an email address be created for members to send comments, suggestions and issues. The issues would be logged, tracked and reported on so that members would know that someone is taking action on the issue or concern that was raised.
    We have created a feedback button on our website’s homepage at Comments and suggestions are always welcome. In addition, we are actively recruiting members for a Member Advisory Committee. We are also creating the Variety Village APP, which will have up to the minute facility information.
  • The parking lot needs to be repaved.
    The maintenance department has been performing some temporary repairs as needed, but the parking lot renovation project is on our strategic plan’s capital projects list. The completion of the parking lot
    project is not expected for at least two years.
  • Communication needs to be improved within departments and between departments.
    Bi-weekly management meetings are helping to create more open communication between departments and allowing for the exchange of information and issues management.
  • Announcements should be on more boards throughout the facility.
    We have plans for four more TVs in Aquatics, the Cafeteria, the Alcove and Fieldhouse. The TVs will display the same announcements currently available in the front lobby. We expect to have the TVs installed in 2017, dependent on funding.
  • Bring back the student massage therapists who got their hours at Variety Village.
    We have extended an invitation to local colleges/schools to explore their interest.
  • Extend the weekend hours.
    Senior management is reviewing the cost and feasibility of this request.
  • Better balance of the needs between members and teams who use the facility.
    We strive to make sure there is always one court and one lane open for member’s use at all times. We rely heavily on revenue from team rentals, which allows us to operate the facility.NEW in 2016, Family gym time is now available Monday-Thursday from 6:00pm-7:30pm and Saturday and Sunday from 12:00noon-5:00pm.
  • Ask for member input when deciding on new programs through surveys and involving participants.
    Our staff continue to speak with parents on a regular basis to discuss programming for their children. If members have any ideas, both the Aquatics wing and Fieldhouse have program staff on-site available for questions and discussion. We also welcome suggestions! As well, we are recruiting members to sit on our new Member Advisory Committee and this may serve as an opportunity for direct input.
  • Advertise the Active Aging Program because it is an amazing program at a great price.
    There are plans to advertise the Active Aging program through senior publications, starting in late summer/early fall.
  • Stagger some of the programs to run on different nights; for example, Zumba and Aquafitness are on the same night, it would be better if the programs were offered on alternate nights so members could do both programs.
    We do our best to stagger programs. However, due to space availability and staffing availability it is not always possible. We are excited to add Kickboxing on a Thursday night at 6:30pm.
  • Increase communications through email.
    We are planning to increase our newsletter communications to once a month, beginning in September 2016 with periodic e-blasts to subscribers to promote specials, events, program changes etc. Our new APP will also allow for more up-to-date and instant alerts.

Town Hall: November 17, 2015


  • Dust on the treadmills.
    The cleaning of the Cardio room equipment is the responsibility of the cardio room staff and supervisors will include checks of equipment cleanliness on a daily basis.
  • Hooks to be reinstalled on the washroom doors at a lower height.
    New anti-ligature hooks have been installed in both cafeteria washrooms. However, we will monitor their usage to determine if this type of hook is what we want in all the other change rooms areas.
  • Addition of a mirror in the women’s change room near the electrical outlet.
    A mirror unit was installed in February 2016.
  • How does Karen Stintz intend to get funding from the Federal Government?
    Karen Stintz has secured a letter of commitment from all three levels of government signed by MP William Blair, MPP Lorenzo Berardinetti and City Councillor Gary Crawford. The Federal and Provincial governments are committed to continue annual funding of Variety Village through a bilateral agreement and Karen Stintz will continue to explore funding opportunities through grants with the City of Toronto.

If you have any questions, comments or feedback, reach out to us!

BUS: We have a bus stop right outside! Take the 12A from Victoria Park Station.

FREE parking onsite.

Wheel-Trans accessible.

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