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Variety Kids Can!

Over the years generous donors like you have changed the lives of thousands of children who play, learn and grow at Variety. Your contributions ensure that all children with disabilities are given opportunities to achieve their dreams.

Where are they now?

Variety members, staff, moms and dads see your contributions hard at work every day.  We invite you to check in with some of the amazing children whose lives you have impacted and learn more about what’s new at Variety.


Alexander - variety kid

Alexander and his mom found community at Variety. Alexander is moving into his third year as an Ambassador and we are proud to say he shines in this role. He continues to thrive in camps, swimming lessons and the after school program, and he has found a new group of friends through all of these activities. He is independent and full of personality as a result of his persistence and his Variety friends who are more like family.


Madi - variety kid

Since you last met Madi she’s had SDR surgery in St. Louis, MS to help her move more easily and ease the muscle tension that is a painful part of having Cerebral Palsy. She has been working hard at Variety in swimming lessons and in therapy to walk using only her canes and now takes a few independant steps! She continues to spread positivity everywhere she goes and is truly unstoppable.


megan - variety kid

Megan has been a member since she was a little babe in a car seat. Having suffered a stroke in her mother’s womb, Megan found that Variety was the perfect place for her to find her stride and succeed. Now she’s off to University in the fall! Continuing her Variety journey as a staff member and Flames Swim Team medal winning athlete, Megan is competing in National level swim competitions and working as a camp counselor.

Liam - Variety Kid

"it was so fast!"

“It was so fast” said Liam when asked why he likes Volt Hockey. His mother, Jo, said that Liam, who has a condition called arthrogryposis, which makes it difficult for him to bend his joints. Liam is used to being one of the slowest in the group – but these chairs allow him to fly. “He’s just like any other 9-year-old,” she said of her quick-witted son, “and recess is his favourite school subject.” 

Liam & Volt Hockey

Variety and the Royal Danish Consulate General launched Canada’s first Volt Hockey League three years ago and Liam was one of the first kids to sign up. Volt Hockey is an accessible form of hockey, played in a specially designed sport hockey chair. The chair is made for people with a variety of disabilities including Muscular Dystrophy, Cerebral Palsy, Spina Bifida, Osteoporosis, and Dwarfism. Joining a hockey team was a dream to Liam that seemed out of reach. Thanks to the introduction of Volt Hockey at Variety, Liam is able to compete and excel just like his peers!

Without you, who would help Liam find his sport and feel like he can fly?
Where would Madi race through the halls with confidence?
Where would Alexander and Megan find their second home?

These Variety success stories are made possible because of generous donations from people like you. Now is the time to make your donation and keep the spirit of Variety alive.

Ps. Please consider our monthly giving option.
The most valuable gift you can give is a recurring monthly donation. This helps us plan ahead and provide more programming and membership subsidy funding for children and families in need. Our guarantee: You can change or cancel your contribution at any time simply by contacting us.

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