Are you an educator, student, coach, or service industry leader looking to encourage inclusion, acceptance, awareness and teamwork? You’ll want a progressive program from an organization you can trust.

We educate individuals, classes and community organizations about the importance of providing opportunities for people of all abilities. Through inclusive and integrated hands-on activities – like adapted games, wheelchair activities and rockwall climbing – and energetic discussions, participants will learn the importance of welcoming, accepting and understanding that we are all able, and as such, should support each other’s ambitions whether they are related to sport or social ventures.

We've gone virtual!

FREE Online Program

Join us for a virtual excursion for this exciting new program for your school, agency or organization. You will connect with a Variety staff who will facilitate a 1 hour lesson featuring interactive conversation and active play.

In the virtual experience campers will increase awareness of the importance of play, activities and games everyone can enjoy. Learn more about motivating stories from individuals who will share their stories.
The program will end with an active and inclusive game or activity.

  • July 12, 2021 – August 27, 2021
  • 1 hour Online
  • Virtual lessons through your choice of Zoom or Google Meets


Cathy Price
Coordinator, Outreach and Education
416 699 7167 x281

Making a Difference in Sport & Recreation

Variety Village has been educating individuals, school groups, corporations and community organizations in accessibility and inclusive healthy living options across Ontario for more than 25 years. Last year, 10,000 participants took part in Variety Village’s Outreach programs across the province. As one of the first facilities in North America to promote inclusive sport and recreation, we are proud to invite you to get involved in our exciting initiatives.

  • Variety Village is a 168,000 square foot sports and fitness facility in the heart southwest Scarborough providing integrated sports, fitness, life skills and learning programs that impact lives and strengthen communities across the Greater Toronto Area.
  • We empower individuals of all ages and abilities by providing accessible, safe, inclusive, and adapted fitness and sports through facilitation, skills transfer, and training.
  • Our Outreach and Education programs were created in 1987 to introduce adapted activity ideas to engage individuals with disabilities and their peers in inclusive opportunities. Each program offers practical learning in play, cooperation, individual and team experiences.
  • The Inclusive Physical Activity Classes can also provide an introduction to multi-sport or sport-specific activities based on a group’s interests.

  • For program information contact:
    Archie Allison
    Director, Outreach and Education
    416 699 7167 x236

  • For information on registration contact:
    Cathy Price
    Coordinator, Outreach and Education
    416 699 7167 x281