Are you an educator, coach, or service industry leader looking to encourage inclusion, acceptance, awareness and teamwork? You’ll want a progressive program from an organization you can trust.

We educate classes and community organizations about the importance of providing opportunities for people of all abilities. Through inclusive and integrated hands-on activities – like adapted games, wheelchair activities and rockwall climbing – and energetic discussions, participants will learn the importance of welcoming, accepting and understanding that we are all able, and as such, should support each other’s ambitions whether they are related to sport or social ventures.

Program Options

The Variety Village Ability in Action Program was created in 1987 to provide interactive awareness activities to learn, play and experience inclusive games or sports. The program emphasizes acceptance, ability based approach through participation. We are pleased to offer a variety of programs for elementary school classes, high-schools and community groups.

Live & Interactive Virtual Program
We have created an interactive virtual program for grades K-1, 2-3, 4-6, 7-8. This program is designed for each grade as an interactive experience highlighting the importance of inclusive participation, adapted play, sport and recreation, motivational stories and games.

  • Session: September 9 – June 28. 1 hour online through your choice of Zoom or Google Meets

NEW! Pre-recorded Virtual Program
We have created a downloadable version of the virtual program that would be led by the teacher. This options give you as the teacher to go through the program at your classes pace and focus specifically on certain topics.

ability in action online

On-site Program at Variety Village
Schools and classes come and join us at Variety Village and participate in a variety of games and activities that promote accessibility, adapted sport and inclusion. These activities could include wheelchair activities, roller sledge hockey, sitting volleyball, adapted floor hockey, communication activities to name a few.

Off-site: At your School
Variety Village staff would lead 2 activities for your classes at your schools. The activities could be wheelchair activities, floor curling, bocce, sitting volleyball.

“I teach a Grade 4-6 special needs class online who have loved our virtual visits to Variety Village. Cathy plans our visits with consideration of student needs and accommodates accordingly. We have visited the pool and basketball court virtually through stories and actions as well as watching short videos on what Variety Village is about. Cathy makes the visits fun, upbeat, interactive and she is attentive to what the students say and thoughtful in her interactions and responses with the students.”
– Kathryn Angus, OCT, Special Education, Grade 4-6, DD, TDSB Virtual Elementary School, LC1

Making a Difference in Sport & Recreation

Variety Village has been educating individuals, school groups, corporations and community organizations in accessibility and inclusive healthy living options across Ontario for more than 25 years. Last year, 10,000 participants took part in Variety Village’s Outreach programs across the province. As one of the first facilities in North America to promote inclusive sport and recreation, we are proud to invite you to get involved in our exciting initiatives.

  • Variety Village is a 168,000 square foot sports and fitness facility in the heart southwest Scarborough providing integrated sports, fitness, life skills and learning programs that impact lives and strengthen communities across the Greater Toronto Area.
  • We empower individuals of all ages and abilities by providing accessible, safe, inclusive, and adapted fitness and sports through facilitation, skills transfer, and training.
  • Our Outreach and Education programs were created in 1987 to introduce adapted activity ideas to engage individuals with disabilities and their peers in inclusive opportunities. Each program offers practical learning in play, cooperation, individual and team experiences.
  • The Inclusive Physical Activity Classes can also provide an introduction to multi-sport or sport-specific activities based on a group’s interests.

  • For more information please contact:
    Cathy Price
    Coordinator, Ability in Action
    Phone: 416 699 7167 x281
    Fax: 416 699 5752