What are Adult Day Programs?

Adult Day Programs at Variety Village are designed for individuals 21 years of age and older with a physical and/ or developmental disability. Participants enjoy a structured program where they can continue to learn and develop skills through a variety of fun and interactive opportunities.

Promoting life skills and healthy active living!

Day Program participants gain confidence and independence individually and in a group environment, to support their interests in the community and at home. We use an inclusive and accessible facility for people of all ages and abilities.

Learning Initiatives

Learning initiatives may include instructional lessons such as science, geography, math, language or communication skills. The group also participates in swimming, yoga, photography, drama, fieldhouse sports and gardening. We introduce life skills with an instructional lesson, room setup and preparation for cooking, lunch planning and baking. Our job training component includes meal preparation, customer service and delivery.

Fitness and Wellness

Participants are also involved in personal and group physical fitness sessions daily to promote healthy, active living, and have the opportunity to focus on social initiatives and interactions with their peers in a supportive environment.

Unique Programming:

  • Yoga

    Yoga has been shown to provide both preventive and therapeutic benefits to the body and mind.

  • LINKS Breakfast Preparation

    Every Thursday morning, the team organizes a breakfast service: planning, preparing, and serving hot and fresh meals options that are available to Variety Village staff and members. Participants gain workplace experience and raise funds to support program needs and participant interests.

  • Gardening

    Adult day program gardening focuses on understanding and maintaining plant life. Discussions include: growth, development, and regular maintenance for a long healthy life. Along with the hands-on aspect of planting, fertilizing and watering their plants, individuals will be involved in a classroom setting where discussions will be facilitated around best practices. These unique experiences provide a first-hand look at what affects plants’ growth through a statistical bookkeeping procedure which involves measuring plants on a weekly basis.

  • Science

    The science program gives participants a chance to explore and learn through hands-on experiments. With a focus on learning about different aspects of the world around us, the goal of this class is to form an understanding of introductory action-and-reaction experiments. Some experiments involve a healthy amount of fun and play, too!

  • St. John's Therapy Dogs

    Dog therapy is a new addition to our program, offered weekly for 40 minutes. Learn more about the program on the St. John’s Ambulance website.

  • Book Club

    Participants sit outside (if weather permits) and read a few chapters of a book each week. At the end of each chapter there is a discussion around what has happened and if any new characters have been introduced. Participants have the opportunity to read pages out loud to the group if they would like.

  • Talk Town

    Individuals are given the opportunity to explore the world of oral communication. Speech is an important component of our everyday lives and we are continuously learning new words, developing different styles of speech, and improving our overall communication techniques. This program offers participants a chance to create a communication style of their own to help them better connect with others.

  • Writing World

    Participants are given the unique opportunity to develop their individual penmanship through a series of different and engaging lessons.