Variety Village we will be re-opening the facility on Tuesday, April 20 for members with a disability with a few additional restrictions. See below for details. Please continue to visit our website and social media for updates.

April 19, 2021

Please be advised after Friday’s announcement of the closure of Variety Village we will be re-opening the facility with a few additional restrictions.

  1. The facility will resume back to restricted operating hours (same as last week) starting Tuesday April 20. Areas included are Aquatics, Cardio Room and Fieldhouse.
  2. Community Based Programs will delay start of programs for people with disabilities. We will review in May for potential start date.
  3. Personal Training for members with disabilitiescan resume, however a doctor’s note must be provided and placed on their file indicating that they require the service for therapy.
April 16, 2021

To all members,

Variety Village will close at end of day today, Friday, April 16, due to the latest announcement by the Ford Government. Emergency orders have been extended and we must protect our members and community.

At this time, we hope to reopen the facility on Monday, May 17 at noon.

Please check our website, social media channels and emails for further updates.

Thank you and please stay safe.

April 1, 2021

With the updated restrictions put in place today by the Government of Ontario, the following decisions have been made:

  • Program Registration is postponed until April 14th; it will be offered for persons with disabilities only.
  • We can no longer run Easter KDD Camp nor Spring Break Camp.
  • We can no longer run outdoor fitness classes.
  • We will continue offering booking times for our members with disabilities for therapeutic needs only.

As of April 1, 2021, Variety Village is open for members with disabilities. We have following health and safety precautions in place, guided by the Provincial Government and Ministry of Health, with the additional resources from the City of Toronto, Paediatric Physiotherapy, Red Cross and The Lifesaving Society.

January 7, 2021

As soon as in-classroom schooling opens, Variety will resume limited children’s programs.  Contact Alyssa Forrester directly at

Click here to view the Fall/Winter 2021 Program Guide Fall/Winter 2021

General Facility Update

General Facility Updates:
The portal is open for booking 2021 programs. Your credit card will not be charged until we have confirmation of our exact opening date in January.

Portal link:

A valid credit card must put into your portal account (you will not be charged – areas are free to book). If you do not have a credit card, please call the Membership Office to book your time at 416-699-7167.

If you have problems accessing your portal account, please email

Once personal training is open and allowed, please contact Debbie at or call 416-699-7167 ext 238 to book a trainer.

  • Members are required to wear masks when walking to/from the workout areas, however once inside the area they may remove their masks while keeping 2m apart.
  • If a member does not have a mask, they are available for purchase for $3 each.

Health and Safety Protocols

Member Screening

All members will be screened prior to entering the facility daily.  You will have to answer/acknowledge a screening questionnaire by the Ministry of Health COVID-19 Reference Document for Symptoms.

If a member answers yes to ANY of the questions they will not be permitted in the facility.

Entry will also be denied to any member who has come in close contact with someone who has any of the symptoms listed in the Ministry of Health COVID-19 Reference Document for Symptoms.

Only members who meet ALL screening protocols will be permitted to enter the facility for the time allotted through the booking portal. Hand sanitizing stations will be set up at all screening locations and entrances. Members are required to wear a mask (unless a medical reason prevents them from wearing one) when entering and traversing to and from their workout area.

Staff Screening

All staff will be provided with training on Variety’s facility COVID-19 protocols prior to the commencement of reopening. During training, all staff will be trained on the safe use, limitations and proper care of PPE, including, but not limited to; plexiglass, gloves, masks, and face shields.  In addition, cleaning, hand washing and sanitizing as well as surface disinfecting protocols will be provided.

All training is done in line with Health and Safety guidelines.  All staff will remain 2 metres apart and be provided with face shields, masks and gloves for the duration of the training. Attendance records will be kept to ensure no staff is permitted to work without attending a training session.

All staff will be screened prior to entering the facility daily as per COVID 19 entry protocols.

Membership Fees

All memberships have been paused since March 17 until the date that we are able to re-open.  The length of the time of the closure will be credited to all fully prepaid memberships.

As well, monthly membership fees ceased as of March 17.

If your prepaid membership expired during the closure, your membership will be extended for the duration from March 17 until the date of your membership expiry.

Members do not need to contact the membership office to have the extension added on – it will be done automatically.

Monthly membership payments will resume once the facility reopens, unless you notify the membership office otherwise.


Variety will utilize multiple entrances to facilitate physical distancing in our facility. All entrances will be equipped with hand sanitizer and controlled by a trained staff member who is wearing PPE. Members are required to wear a mask when entering the facility.

The following entrances/exits will be used for each location; 

  1. Main Entrance – Cardio Room
  2. Weight Room Entrance – Weight Room
  3. Main Entrance – Fieldhouse
Personal Protective Equipment

Staff will be provided with masks, gloves, hand sanitizer and face shields. Staff are required to wear a mask at all times (unless told otherwise, e.g. while lifeguarding). As per the Training section above, staff will be trained on the proper use of PPE. If any gloves, face shields or masks are damaged or soiled, they will be replaced. Face shields will be disinfected frequently according to Ministry of Health Guidelines and at the beginning and end of each day.

Members are required to wear a mask when entering the facility and traversing to and from their workout area. If you do not have a mask Variety can provide one for $3 each.


Weight Room – please use washroom at the weightroom entrance.

Cardio Room – please use the gender neutral washroom in the lobby.

Aquatics changerooms and washrooms are available for anyone registering time in Aquatics.

Fieldhouse Equipment

Members are responsible for bringing their own equipment (basketball, soccer ball, hockey sticks etc). In the case that Variety does need to loan equipment to a member, the equipment will be disinfected before and after it is loaned out. Staff will disinfect equipment prior to handing it to members and staff will also ask members to disinfect equipment prior to returning it.Spray bottles will be provide

Cleaning & Disinfecting

Variety will increase the frequency of cleaning and disinfecting of all areas. All staff taking part in cleaning and disinfecting are trained on proper methods, locations and logging. A cleaning and disinfecting log will be posted and kept for our records. Proper hand washing techniques will be posted. Shared spaces will be disinfected between each use. If the area is visibly soiled, it will be cleaned prior to it being disinfected.

Building-Wide Procedures

Specific areas within the facility will be available to members for one hour time slots. Members will be required to book a time slot through the online portal prior to gaining access to the building (or by contacting membership via phone). Members must arrive at the building five minutes prior to their confirmed time slot to allow for screening. Members will answer a screening questionnaire. Members will then gain access to their specific area of the building and must leave at the end of their allotted time when requested by the staff member to do so. Members will be given 1 hour to use the facility per day.

There will be 15 – 30 minutes between each time slot (depending on location) where a staff member will disinfect all machinery using the Clorox 360 Spray or the Victory Gun. Individual disinfectant spray bottles will also be available for staff and members to use.

Members should follow signs directing them to the appropriate door for the location they have booked. Water fountains will be completely off limits to members during their scheduled visit. Showers for rinsing and change rooms will be permitted in Aquatics for Aquatics bookings only.

Washrooms are available on a limited basis as listed in the Washrooms heading above.

Failure to follow procedures and timing may be cause for a suspension in membership.

Staff are not permitted to assist members on and off machines or transferring into water chairs. Members are permitted to bring their attendants, if required, but all attendants must adhere to our screening protocol, as well as current attendant policy. Staff are to keep 2 meters (6 feet) apart from all members during their shift, unless immediate medical assistance is needed


Wheel-Trans will resume visits to Variety Village on Tuesday, September 8, 2020. The Wheel-Trans waiting area will be located in the cafeteria. Physical distancing for members will still apply. This area is only allowed to be used to wait for a Wheel-Trans pick up. For all drop offs, the member is to wait outside the designated entrance for the area that they have booked in advance. This information will be made clear by signage outside the doors. We  will work in cooperation with Wheel-Trans for best practices and will update as needed.

If a member arrives without pre-booking a location they will not be permitted inside the facility.

Booking Your Workout

Members will gain access to our online portal through a link that is generated through our database and is then sent via the email on file.

Once a member has their login information they can access the portal here:

When the member activates their online account they will then be given online access to a list of dates/times that are available for booking. Members can also call in or email at to have a Variety Village staff book their time for them, if they do not have access to the internet, a valid credit card or they require assistance.

An alert reminding members that physical distancing is required in all spaces in the facility will pop up upon booking their hour time slot. At this time only one visit for one hour is permitted each day to allow opportunity for all members to regain access to the facility.

Physical distancing must be followed at all times. Variety has the right to ask a member to leave if they are not following protocols.