From our 76,000 square foot fieldhouse, 200m indoor track, 3 full sport courts, rock climbing wall, cardio room and weight room to our swimming pool, hot pool and full range of accessible equipment, we have something to fit #everyBody. Whether you’re a serious athlete or working on getting fit and staying healthy, you can do it at Variety  in our welcoming, family-oriented, inclusive environment.

Facility Features


Our 76,000 square foot field house, a 200m track, 3 full sport courts, rock climbing wall, a high ropes obstacle course and an accessible outdoor playground.

Accessibility Features:

  • 200m Hobart 1000 Benyon surface track, certified to current World Athletic standards
  • This track is designed to be specifically easy on the joints, which makes it perfect for training and rehabilitation
  • Inner track is complete with a railing that can guide members with a visual disability around the track or assist people with mobility issues with balance and support
  • 1 lanes on track are dedicated for wheelchairs
  • Wheelchairs and hand cycles are available



Our aquatic wing features 2 swimming pools and a hot pool.

We have a 25m long, 15m wide deep pool with a depth that ranges from 1.5m – 4m. It is divided into 6 lanes by Antiwave © lane ropes (developed for the 2000 Sydney Olympics). The pool temperature is kept at 30 C.

Our recreation pool is a shallow 15m by 15m pool with a maximum depth of 1.5m and a .6m shallow end. It is equipped with assistive railings around the edge of the pool and a gradual ramp leading into it. This pool is also kept at 30 C.

In addition to our 2 main pools, we have a 33 C hot pool. This pool is very shallow (approximately .6m) and has high pressure jets along one side of it to give you that much needed post-workout massage.

Accessibility Features:

  • Bubbled tile to alert people with visual impairments that they are close to the pool edge
  • Ramps lead into the shallow end and hot pool
  • Lift can transfer people into the deep end
  • Water wheelchairs available to allow people to roll right into the swimming pools
  • Above-water pool lights fitted with diffuser domes to soften light and reduce the amount of shadows
  • Hoyer Lift in family change room to assist with transferring participants to water wheelchairs
  • Grab-bars around shallow end
Cardio Room

Want to get moving? Our Cardio Room features over 30 machines to achieve your cardiovascular workout; including treadmills, elliptical machines, Concept II rowers, Summit Trainers, recumbent and standard bicycles, stair climbers, and hand cycles. Machines are adjustable for personal goals and helpful staff are only a few steps away.

Accessibility features:

  • Moto Med Bicycle Trainers
  • Low-profile Treadmills for easy step-on height with sturdy handrails
  • Scit Fit Step Trainers
  • Hand Cycles
  • Weighted stretching apparatus
Weight Room

With over 10,000 pounds of weight at your disposal and helpful staff only a few steps away, our newly reconfigured weight room features equipment from Atlantis, Apex, York Barbell Co., and Ivanko Barbell Co. The Apex line of machines offers a removable seat that can accomodate wheelchairs and power wheelchairs of all varieties. The Atlantis line offers a full range of adjustability in all elements of the machine. Weights can be adjusted within 5lb increments. Our plates are made of the Ivanko Barbell Co. (recognized by the International Powerlifting Federation). We also offer a brand-new weight lifting platform and plates. So whether you’re a powerlifter, body builder, fitness enthusiast or someone just wanting to increase their fitness level, we have everything that you need.

Accessibility Features:

  • Gradual ramp leads into facility
  • Newly remodeled floor plan to increase accessibility
  • Cable machines for adaptable use
  • Seats can be removed from some machines
  • Wrist collars can be used to clip to cable machines for members with grip strength limitations

Variety is dedicated to creating opportunities for people of all abilities. That’s why our facility is equipped with accessibility  features throughout. General facility features include:

  • Fire alarm system uses sound, visual, and pulse to alert people of all abilities
  • Alarm buttons are located throughout the facility in case of emergency.
  • Bumpers in hallways prevent people that use wheelchairs from crushing their fingers against the wall accidentally.
  • Halls are extra wide to accommodate passing wheelchairs.
Staff Expertise

Our staff have over 100 combined years of expertise in inclusive, accessible programming and services.

  • Extensive training on integrative techniques and teaching styles
  • Standard First Aid and CPR-C Certification
  • Automated External Defibrillation Certification
  • National Lifeguard Service
  • Instructors are fully certified through Lifesaving Society and Red Cross Personal Training
  • All trainers have certification as Personal Trainers through various agencies

Free WiFi is available for all our clients and visitors.

To access the Wi-Fi, users must visit the Wi-Fi settings menu on their device and select the following SSID: VVMembers. Once selected, users will be presented with a landing page asking for First name, Last name and email address – once a user has entered these details and clicked ‘Go’ they will be successfully connected to Variety’s Wi-Fi.