Variety is proud to offer skills and training for everyone. Are you a strong swimmer and an aspiring leader? We have a variety of leadership programs available, from the Junior Lifeguard Club to Bronze Medallion and more, all designed to help you progress in the world of aquatics. Members, non-members and staff are all welcome! Take a look below at current offerings.

Current Courses

Bronze Medallion and Emergency First Aid (CPR B) - FREE

Bronze Medallion challenges the candidate both mentally and physically. Judgement, knowledge, skill, and fitness – the four components of water rescue – form the basis of Bronze Medallion training. Candidates acquire the assessment and problem-solving skills needed to make good decisions in, on, and around the water. Bronze Medallion is a prerequisite for assistant lifeguard training in Bronze Cross.

  • FREE, no registration fee.
  • Open to Member and Non-members.
  • Limited Space, capacity 15 registrants. First come, first served.

For more information, please contact Jamie Sherwin at or (416) 699-7167 ext. 235.

Prerequisites Session Fee
Must be 13 years old by March 31
or have your Bronze Star Certification (need not be current).
LSS ID Number Required.
Monday, Wednesday, Friday(s), 4:45pm—9:45pm,
March 20, 22, 24, 27, 29, (Exam) 31)



For more information or to register, please submit your form to:
Jamie Sherwin, Manager, Facilities and Programs,